Mekong Petrochem
Mekong Petrochem


Mekong Petrochemical Joint Stock Company was established in 02/1996 to meet the lubricant needs of the Mekong Delta region, we are proud to be the first successful manufacturer that produces grease products in Vietnam at that time with many certificates - prestigious awards such as Vietnam High Quality Goods, Vietnam Gold Star, VIFOTEC National Science - Technology Innovation Award, Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit, ... Nowadays, Mekong Petrochem has become one of the biggest petrochemical company in Vietnam and reaching out to Southeast Asia with many different product lines.

+ 24 years
formation and development
total area of factory
34.000 tons/year
factory capacity


Currently, Mekong Petrochemical Joint Stock Company is recognized as one of the leading petrochemical companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Mekong Petrochem's factory is located in Ben Luc, Long An with a large scale, including many storage tanks for materials, modern machinery - equipments, lubricant processing factories and product packaging, warehouse areas. trading yards and wharves on Vam Co Dong river, forming a closed production complex, creating quality lubricant products at economical prices, serving the lives of the majority of Vietnamese people.


Currently, Mekong Petrochemical Jsc is recognized as one of the leading petrochemical companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

With many complexes of raw material storage tanks, product packaging plants and workshops for the preparation of lubricants, lubricants, brake fluids, and maintenance products for vehicles and equipment.

Field Testing

Hóa Dầu Mekong cung cấp dịch vụ field testing đáp ứng nhu cầu về sử dụng dầu nhớt cho từng doanh nghiệp, động cơ khác nhau, đảm bảo sự phù hợp với tình hình thực tế và hiệu suất cao nhất thông qua quá trình nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng.

Cung Cấp Nguyên Liệu

Mekong Petrochem rất tự hào là một trong những nhà phân phối các nguyên liệu dầu mỡ nhờn hàng đầu Việt Nam cho nhiều ngành nghề khác nhau.