Culture / Human Core Values ​​in Mekong PETROCHEM


With the motto of considering human resources as the most valuable asset, Mekong Petrochem shares career development opportunities with all employees..
Recruitment culture partly speaks to the corporate culture and personality of business management. The first impression of the professional or unprofessional behavior of the recruitment department and the participants in the reception and interview will linger for a long time in the candidate's heart..
  • E – Effective:
    Help employers find the right people, help candidates find the right job.
  • A – Acknowledge:
    Acknowledge each candidate and business to come up with the most effective solution.
  • T – Together:
    Together with the development of businesses and candidates.

Orientation for human development

Sustainable human development is the goal of development. Sustainable human development is the regular, continuous and long-term development of all physical, mental, intellectual, and personality capacities - development of the most essential abilities, those that are in in the form of human potential to enrich and improve the quality of life of each person as well as of the whole community and thereby create a sustainable driving force for socio-economic development. In order to develop people in a sustainable way, it is necessary to adhere to a development perspective, a holistic perspective and the right approach. The right approach is one that thoroughly grasps the view that people are both the goal and the driving force of development and considers people from a development point of view, a comprehensive point of view..

Quoting opinions of some employees at MekonG

Miss Thanh Thao
Miss Thanh Thao:
Mekong Petrochem, not only a workplace, but also a strong collective.
"Every day at the company is a happy day. On special occasions, it is even more fun and exciting. Mekong Petrochem is not only a workplace, but also a place of experience, integration and mutual support, working together to become a strong team."
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