With more than 20 years of history of establishment and development since 1996, Mekong Petrochemical Jsc (referred to as Mekong Petrochem) by our experience is considered one of the petrochemical companies. long-standing and leading in Vietnam, is the bridge between the crude oil industry and the transport - mobile - industry through lubricants and other petrochemical products.

Our original goal was to serve the Mekong Delta region's lubricant needs. Up to now, Mekong Petrochem has been fulfilling its mission of serving customers across 62 provinces and cities of Vietnam and markets in some Asian countries such as Cambodia, Laos, China, Thailand, ...

The active and flexible distribution system, the dedicated staff, the complete plant facilities and the complete technology line have helped the products of Mekong Petrochem to reach many certificates of professional standards and research. award-winning scientific-technology-research, reaching consumers with a variety of types and functions and supplying petrochemical raw materials for many different industries.

25-year journey
most remarkable milestones of
Mekong Petrochem
Mekong Petrochemical is authorized to exclusively distribute the number 1 Korean lubricant products named SK ZIC in the middle and south Vietnam.
Established Katsuma Service and Trading Joint Stock Company in the field of trading and distribution, contributing to our closed business chain.
The factory has been moved from Vinh Long to An Thanh, Ben Luc, Long An industrial clusters with the bigger capacity and convenient traffic on both waterways and roads.
Officially changed our name to Mekong Petrochemical Joint Stock Company 
Successfully developed grease and we were the only company that able to manufacture this product in Vietnam at that time.
Join the lubricant industry with the first name: Mekong Trading and Production Company Limited in Vinh Long province.


Giá trị & sự cam kết
& commit
Mekong Petrochem's success in Vietnam is based on our promise of quality and reliability in all of our services. We unanimously conscientiously put customers first in all our actions. All our efforts and efforts as a team as well as individuals are directed to the maximum satisfaction of customers.
Human resources
Key of success
Our employees are our most valuable asset. It is their ideas, their creativity and their decisions that have led us to success. Embedded by a culture of cooperation, we strive to enable leading professionals in all fields to thrive in their careers and to work together to meet the highest expectations of every client.
Only opportunities
for unique people
Success in our business requires those with a modern mindset, able to easily adapt to change, being active with leadership and potential. Loyal to the spirit of the two founders, employees are always given a free space to run the business with a central management structure, with support for IT, finance, and strategy issues, legal and compliance, communication and PR.



With national and regional potentials, Mekong Petrochemical constantly improves resources and builds opportunities to cooperate with international partners and position itself as a Vietnamese company with the development of the Southeast Asia.


As a bridge between the crude oil industry and life applications, providing petrochemical products with the best quality, price and service, serving a wide range of customers.


We want to say that, Mekong Petrochem is a testament to the spirit of courage, daring to venture to develop, to undertake the pioneering mission of a leading oil business. Only the will not to submit, firm belief in the power of intellect, of mind, of genuine labor, and above all, the unity and unity of the whole team is the needle. south let the boat we cross the waves forwards.

"Vietnamese serve the Vietnamese."