Celebrating Reunification day April 30 and International Workers’ day May 1, concerning organizing program of gratitude  to customers with desire of bringing to customers high quality products in accordance with international standards. Occasionally, Mekong displayed the variety of products, sincerely invite dear customers visit Fair and use Mekong’s products. Thoroughly hope dear customers will always choose “Products of Mekong Petrochemical is the companion” in each successful path.

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Mekong Petrochemical was established from February 1996 with long lasting historical development more than 20 years, with strategic vision and perspective of sustainable development, we desire bringing to customers high quality products in compliance with international standards and best services.

We sincerely thank you for trust, enthusiastic support from dear customers and class of employees has granted for company throughout the years. That is the motivation for us to aspire for better improvement in products quality every single day to meet gradual increasing demand of the market. Besides traditional products, our company also research and develop new products to satisfy diversity potentials and technologies of dear customers nationwide, as well as Southeast Asia.

Products were and has been researched, developed with hundred years of experiences, manufactured with modern technologies ensure best quality.

Engine oil for four stroke motor bike, scooter. 

High quality oil/gas mix for two stroke engine, cutting machine, mowing machine, motor boat.

Transmission fuild for scooter 

Engine oil for modern car – 4L

Engine oil for truck – 18L 

Automatic transmission fluid ATF 

Hydraulic Oil Canary

Brake fluid VH 3-2 DOT 3

Other transmission oil from GL1 – GL4, GL5

Specialized heat resistant lubricant grease.

Coolant for engine

Specialized oil for other industries: sawing machine oil, rubber processing oil, heat transfer oil, insulation oil, rust preventive oil, flushing oil, compressor oil, metal processing fluids …

In occasion of big holiday, for customers visit the Fair, we are honor to give dear customers attractive promotion programs as follows:

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Program is held from April 27th 2017 to end of May 2nd 2017.