I. Application: 

  • Access Super Speed 2T, TC used for two-stroke petrol engine equipped by lubrication system using oil/gas mix or viscous spray lubrication system for two-stroke motor bikes, speed boats, water motorbikes, mowing machines, cutting machine, and other coolants by water or air.
  • Access Super Speed 2T API TC certified by JASO FC and ISO – L- EGD

II. Usage:

  •  Product is stored in 1 litre bottle, mixing ratio: 1 litre Access 2T : 50 litre gasoline.
  • Bottle designed with 2 caps enabling accurate quantizing volume by pushing oil in bottle in reverse direction to small weight box-like area a volume of 100ml and fill in two-stroke engine mixing with 1 litre of gasoline.
  • when weighting, must open cap of box-like area of 100ml will support progress of oil pusing from bottle easily
  • After using 1st time, tighten cap for next use.


III. Remarkable features:

  • Prevent stopped engine, black carbon formation blocking spark plug, anti-abrasion, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
  • Ultimately clean engine and piston scratch resistant, easily dilute with fuel even in low temperature condition.
  • Prevent choke in air outlet and choke in piston ring in high temperature.
  • Clean spark plug and prevent early ignition phenomenon.
  • Dispersants and detergents in additives of two-stroke engine oil aiming to keep clean, prevent waste incineration from generating tension and surrounding inner piston heads, two-stroke engine oil also has additives functioning in antioxidant, anti-foaming, enhancing oil circulation.
  • Especially clean burning oil create less smoke exhausts, limiting polluting surrounding environment.

IV. Storage and Preservation:

  • Do not place products in the temperature higher than 40 oC, do not expose to sunshine.
  • Avoid skin and eye in contact with used oil frequently and prolongedly.
  • Store products at cooled places or shelters.