Instruction of preservation:


Loading maximum 6 layers


All products of lubricant grease should be preserved in proofed house and avoid places has severe temperature.

♦ Drums should be loaded into layers (maximum 6 layers horizontally or 4 layers vertically as in picture), and must have stumbling blocks preventing drums in bottom moving.


Loading maximum 4 layers


Besides, for carton boxes (lubricant oil bottles, lubricant grease bottle, brake fluid bottles..), 18 liters bottle, 15 liters box, do not load more than 4 layers.

♦ However, if must storing outdoor, should not load drums vertically and be uncovered. This will lead to water contamination.

If must storing outdoor but unable to load drums horizontally, we can follow these 2 ways:
Prop drums lean in one side to avoid stagnant water in drum lid, cap should be placed avoiding stagnant water.
Cover drums by canvas.