Celebrating Reunification day April 30 and International Workers’ day May 1, concerning organizing program of gratitude  to customers with desire of bringing to customers high quality products in accordance with international standards. Occasionally, Mekong displayed the variety of products, sincerely invite dear customers visit Fair and use Mekong’s products. Thoroughly hope dear customers will always choose “Products of Mekong Petrochemical is the companion” in each successful path.

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Mekong Petrochemical Joint Stock company was established from February 1996 with long lasting historical development more than 20 years. Products of Mekong are evaluated and recognized with best quality and service. Nowadays, Mekong is recognized as one of top petrochemical companies in Vietnam and in spreading out some of Asian countries.  Besides traditional customers, Mekong is chosen by foreign customers as main products and services supplier.

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Address: An Thanh industrial cluster, Ben Luc, Long An
Tel: 0723. 635 168
Fax: 0723. 635 169

Branch in Vinh Long: Mekong Petrochemical Joint Stock Company – Vinh Long branch

Address: 170/2, Pham Hung Street, Ward 9, Vinh Long city, Vinh Long Province.
Tel: 84.70 3880025
Fax: 84. 70 3826229

Affiliate company at Ho Chi Minh city

Name: Au Co Limited Company

Address: 617A Au Co street, Hoa Thanh ward, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 083.7540475 Fax: 083.7544461

The outstanding achievements associated with products, manufaturing operations, business operations of enterprise.

1. Certificate of Quality Assurance System meet Standard ISO 9001 issued by DNV (Northway).
2. Third prize – VIFOTEC AWARD 2001 – about national innovative science – technology for project “Research of Manufacture High Quality Lubricant Grease in Vietnam”
3. Certificate of Merit from Prime Minister number 27 on March, 15th 2000 for high quality products manufacturing.
4. Golden prize of National Quality Award year 2000 issued on December 26th 2000.
5. Vietnam Gold Star Awards in consecutive years.
6. Achieved the title of Vietnamese High Quality Goods in consecutive years voted by Vietnamese consumers.
7. Achieved other awards of WTO Integration presented by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.
8. Achieved certificate of Vietnamese Top Brands presented by Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations
9. Achieved title of “Vietnamese Famous Trademark” voted by Vietnam Intellectual Property Association.
10. And other certificates of merit awarded by government central and local departments

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I. Health

  • Avoid to inhale smoke and exhausts generated from using.
  • Avoid eyes and skin contact with oil.
  • Should change clothes contaminated much oil.
  • Avoid skin contact with used engine oil, used transmission oil because they have many residues and substances affecting to skin un-curatively.
  • Wear protective clothes and equip protective accessories while working.

II. Environmental safety and fire prevention and protection

  • Need prevent pouring waste oil to sewer, water sources, lands….
  • Fire prevention and protection: all fire extinguishers should be placed in correct position as in map, in case lubricant grease/oil is burned because of industrial incidents, we should use dry powder and carbon dioxide (CO2) to stop fire, do not use water to stop fire because water will make the fire expanding.
  • Completely comply with controlling measures, preventing high-risk threats.
  • All employees is trained and proficiently done safe working practices, and fire prevention and protection.

III. Prompt remedial actions

      1. To eyes

  • Must wash many times by water, must let eyelid opened.
  • Later, must come to specialty clinics if there is symtoms of long-lasting red, sore eyes.

      2. To skin

  • Must carefully wash skin with soaps and water after contact.
  • Change contaminated clothes and wash before use.

      3. when swallow lubricant oil/ grease

  • If oil in mouth, must rinse with water many times.
  • Need to follow medical instruction if swallow plenty amount of oil to stomach. Do not vomit.
  • There is no ultimate antidote as well as other particular treatments.

      4. when inhale oil vapor

  • If inhale oil vapor, smoke and exhausts from oil will cause swollen, hurt nose and throat.
  • Need to move to fresh air and follow medical guidance when there is symptom persistence.


Instruction of preservation:


Loading maximum 6 layers


All products of lubricant grease should be preserved in proofed house and avoid places has severe temperature.

♦ Drums should be loaded into layers (maximum 6 layers horizontally or 4 layers vertically as in picture), and must have stumbling blocks preventing drums in bottom moving.


Loading maximum 4 layers


Besides, for carton boxes (lubricant oil bottles, lubricant grease bottle, brake fluid bottles..), 18 liters bottle, 15 liters box, do not load more than 4 layers.

♦ However, if must storing outdoor, should not load drums vertically and be uncovered. This will lead to water contamination.

If must storing outdoor but unable to load drums horizontally, we can follow these 2 ways:
Prop drums lean in one side to avoid stagnant water in drum lid, cap should be placed avoiding stagnant water.
Cover drums by canvas.